Counselling and therapeutic coaching for trauma, loss, neurodiversity, LGBTQIA+ and highly sensitive people

In-person in Central Bristol and online throughout the UK.

Are you stressed and anxious?


Do you experience negative thoughts and shame?

Do you suffer flashbacks and/or panic attacks?

Are you struggling with loss?

Are you a people pleaser?

Are you questioning life?

Do you want to be more confident?

Do you want to find meaning, purpose and have great relationships?

Do you want to explore a recent diagnosis or feelings and struggles around your own neurodiversity?


If so, you have come to the right place. Let’s find a way through the confusion together.


I’m Sarah Guthrie and am passionate about helping people create change in many forms and work through life transitions and challenges.


I am a trauma informed, relational therapist and therapeutic coach working with the whole person and a variety of approaches. Creativity, embodiment practices and spirituality are woven into our sessions.  Whilst I am not a psychodynamic therapist, attachment and childhood issues may form part of our work. 


I am passionate about equality and diversity and believe in creating an inclusive space where everyone feels welcome. I am fortunate to have experience of counselling a wide range of individuals of different ages, backgrounds, and cultures.


Most of us face struggles at one time or another, and there is no shame in seeking help. Life can be complicated and difficult and our experiences of the world are both unique and shared. We hold the answers to our troubles and sometimes require a little guidance along the way.


As children, we tell ourselves stories for survival but through newfound self-compassion and esteem, you can free yourself from the story without it being diminished. Counselling and coaching provide a place for you to express your fears and anxieties, and enables you to develop resilience and hope for the future. Most importantly, a place for you to be yourself and feel heard. 


Finding the right therapist is important. I am part of a network of Bristol-based neurodiverse therapists.  Attention Allies consists of experienced and qualified therapists who offer online, in room, outdoor and blended counselling, psychotherapy and coaching to people who are diagnosed with or identify as having ADHD as well as other forms of neurodiversity, including Autism, Dyspraxia, Dyslexia etc.  You can find us at:

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Working with people 16 years and over


Monday – Thursday daytime and evening. 


I offer a free initial 30-minute consultation. 


Weekly and bi-weekly sessions are available.


Short-term and long-term sessions are available. 


I have a currently limited number of evening slots available and a number of daytime slots.


60 minute therapy or coaching session – £50


90 minute coaching session (daytime) – £60


2 hour session on one particular issue – £80


A concessionary rate for weekly/regular therapy – £40

Both counselling and coaching are a transformative process that can involve looking within and digging deep, and that takes courage. With this in mind, it is important that you find the right counsellor. It may be me, or it may be someone else. If it is me, you will be met with warmth and friendliness from the outset.

Address: 28 Orchard Street, Bristol, BS1 5EH. 


The location is central (behind the Hippodrome) and close to transport links and parking.  


Please note: My therapy room is on the top floor of the building, accessible via a staircase. 

Orchard St

I also offer walk and talk sessions in North East Bristol, on a Wednesday between 10:00 am and 3:00 pm. There are plenty of places to take a stroll from Purdown to Snuff Mills.  Sessions can be solely in-person or a mix of in-person and online. 

Engage the mind and body and connect with nature